Being Where You Are... Creatively

When I was a teenager, the song lyrics used to wake me out of my sleep, interrupt me at work and demand attention, and would seem to fall onto sheets of paper in 10 minutes flat. I had books and binders full of lyrics and scraps of ideas on paper waiting to be finished or used as a prompt for something else. I was frustrated by the lack of creative assistance. With nowhere to record, I was just full of great ideas and few opportunities to capture them meaningfully. My thoughts were all over the place back then and the only stream of relief was singing and writing. After deciding to investigate this whole “God” thing, I found Him to be a greater sense of relief and purpose. Life is still a giant roller coaster ride, though. 

Lately, I’ve struggled with my state of existence. My creative well is as dry as desert sand and there’s not a creative rain cloud in sight. I’ve had my mind on a million things between family matters, my daytime job, my future non-creative career in healthcare, and my well-being. Where in the world did my creative juices flow off to? Have I lost my touch? Am I done? While I hate to admit it, I haven’t spent a lot of time exercising and stretching the gift so it’s a bit… rusty. I can’t do the same things I used to do. At least… not right now.  

What’s restricting my (your) growth as a creative? Here are a few things I’ve thought about regarding my own: 

  1. Do I have enough space to functionally exercise my craft? A private rehearsal space, time during the day or week, and opportunity to be undisturbed, for example. I like practicing in a room that echoes. Hearing my voice bounce off the walls makes me wanna sing REALLY loud. It encourages me to hear what my voice can do. 

  1. What is it that stirs up my desire to create? Do I have the tools that usually make starting easier? (for me, a pair of earbuds and 90’s Mariah and Whitney on YouTube do it for me). 

  1. Do I prioritize my creativity? I usually have to schedule time to be creative which sounds like he purpose of creativity is a bit defeated here, but sometimes, this actually helps. 

It’s okay if you’re in a dry place. Everyone finds themselves there at some point. It’s part of being alive. Sometimes the juices flow. Sometimes, they don’t. But fret not thyself. You’re still wonderfully creative in that beautiful mind of yours. Find another way in.