The CRE8 Conference

The CRE8 Conference is a new & exciting indie conference located within the heart of Augusta, Georgia. C8C exists to educate and empower creatives from all cultures and regions by providing the guidance and skills needed to overcome obstacles they may face chasing their passions.



Wouldn't it be nice to receive key information from individuals who are currently successful in their craft? Yes, it would! The CRE8 Conference presents a wide range of experienced speakers and panelists who have a passion for the creative community. It also provides a unique opportunity for creatives to meet and network with these very skilled professionals. 


Networking / Community

Following your dreams is already challenging. But feeling alone in the journey can add layers of frustration and stress to the process. C8C is the perfect opportunity to meet other creatives in your community and build valuable connections that could change the entire landscape of your career.


Panels / Breakout sessions

Gaining knowledge is very important for creatives that are driven to be successful. From group panel discussions to session mentoring, C8C is an event that will give you ample opportunities to make long-lasting impressions for the future. 

Interested in attending the CRE8 Conference this year?