Empty Your Heart

Recently, a twelve-year-old kid passed away after being electrocuted by a fence while playing recreational football. Sorry to present such bad news initially, but it’s one of those situations that reminds us just how vital life is, especially to a child. Apparently, Melquan Kwame Robinson loved football, so much that he died in the midst of playing. We barely consider the extremity of the things we do. This reminds me of hearing of Owen James Hart back in 1999 when his life ended due to an accidental fall during a wrestling match. I would provide the link, but the description may appear too explicit for soft eyes. I guess the question is are you doing what you are made to do, despite the outcome?

How far are you willing to go? Hearing the untimely passing of anyone is very devastating, especially if they are close to your heart. Consider where you are now in your life. Think of the people who influence you and those you inspire. Think of your art in its best form or imagine it being better. If your time was up, will you be empty of all you could do or contribute to the world? This is a morbid thing to consider, I agree. When you’re a kid, there’s not much to worry about other than making it to practice on time and making sure your bike is chained up at the park while you play. As an adult, you feel that though you may be in your twenties or thirties, getting closer to the end of life’s metaphoric race seems apparent with every morning that passes. All that matters is now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Where does that leave you? Are you happy with what you’re producing? Are the effects up to your standards? What’s the bigger purpose?

Melquan didn’t wake up, knowing that he’ll put on his jersey one last time. Owen didn’t know that Pay Per View event watched by millions would be the last show he’ll ever perform. My condolences to both families, especially that of Melquan Robinson. He didn’t ask for that, especially his mother. No parent wishes to bury their child. They live to have the opposite done. She had much more wisdom to channel through him and much road to cover while guiding his potential. Do you feel the same? Is there much more to do before the curtains close? Imagine now being your last performance, whether you’re doing a comedy routine or singing the most popular song on your EP. Make sure what you give to the world is the best you have, for your best will ignite somebody else’s.

- Calvin Pennywell, Jr.