Cast Your Net

Say you’re in college, freshmen year, and everything is paid for in full. Your tuition is taken care of, you have all your books, and your schedule is perfect. You decide that you want to work part-time to make extra money. You have many options, from working at a grocery store to pulling in hours at the mall in retail. You decide to apply for two jobs rather than many more because your need for it isn’t as great as your desire for your degree. That’s understandable. Now, what if things were different? What if you weren’t in college and your need for a job was greater than anything else? Would you find yourself approaching the job market in a similar fashion by completing two applications opposed to several? Probably not.

Don’t be afraid to cast a wide net. Aiming wide and high should always be your obligation. You never know what fish you’ll pull. I use to tell myself that aiming for the stars is always a good idea because you’re bound to hit some if not all of them. Do the same when establishing connections with other people, especially those with whom you don’t mind sharing a partnership. Pay attention to your integrity and standard, for attempting to link with just anyone can be detrimental to your brand. If you see a vast ocean full of opportunities, aim and throw! One thing that can cause a snag in your rope is your ego. It causes prevention in many areas of your life, especially with relationships. One thing you do not wish to severe is the direct tie with the individuals in your life who support what you do and who you are.

Imagine a cowboy twirling his lasso with an opening the size of a quarter. Do you honestly think that will fit around the neck of a 2400 lb. bull? Nope!  It has to be stretched, for it has to cater to what it’s trying to catch. If you want a lot, reach for it!  Invest in yourself, even if it’s expensive, for you’ll get back what you put in, my friend. It has to match your drive, if not be more. Remember that! This isn’t easy. Fishermen that travel the seas in monstrous weather are not guaranteed safety, let alone a massive catch of fish.  They lower their net with expectations of capturing as much as it allows. One day, you’ll do the same and your boat will tilt from the weight of your capture.  That means you’ll have much to keep and more to share.\

- Calvin Pennywell, Jr.