We're Waiting For You

My front, left tire needed air. It was pretty noticeable. Knowing how I feel about my tires (due to previous experiences with getting flat tires and having to experience unexpected delays in traveling), my immediate goal was to fix it. Pulling up to the free-air pump at Kroger’s, I was happy to see that no one was occupying the space. I was also a bit hesitant because I attempted to use the same device a day prior only to be disappointed by it not supplying air. Thinking to myself, everyone else is able to use it except me, I park the car, get out, grab the hose and proceed to try again. The same thing happens that occurred on the previous visit—no increase in air. What’s going on, I thought. Why isn’t anything changing? Glancing at the machine, I noticed a red button at the top left corner. Am I supposed to press that, I asked. I walk over to the machine where I proceed to press. It turns on! I walk back over to the tire and connect the tip of the hose, seeing the tire rise from the ground, as well as notice the reading on the gauge.

Why was that so difficult to do? The problem wasn’t that I was waiting on the device, but that the device was waiting on me. We are so quick to blame others for our lack of progress when it’s us that’s creating blockage and barriers. We’re constantly getting in our own way. Everything is set up for you. You have to make a move. All that was required of me is the assistance of my index finger. Concerning our artistry and ceasing opportunities, we place that finger on someone else opposed to ourselves. I wrote a song recently titled “Taking Back Your Crown”. I was inspired by The Lion King (1994), thinking back on the battle for the throne between Simba and Scar. Yes, Scar was responsible for Mufasa’s death, but was he to blame for Simba waiting so long to come back? He indeed was a child when this tragic struck, but it was up to Simba to finalize whether or not he would claim his rightful place in the kingdom. 

Simba chose to press the button and I think it’s fine time we do the same.  We’re waiting on you! Everything you need is within you. Create the experience so what you seek can be revealed to you. Stop being the problem and become the solution. My tire could have been pumped when I initially had the chance, but because I wasn’t willing to explore my fault in the matter, there was a delay. Whenever I recite my poetry in public, the crowd is waiting for me to deliver. When I’m on a treadmill about to induce my cardio workout, the device is waiting on me to set the speed. When my dog sees me after a long day at work, she’s waiting on me to take a scoop of food from the container and feed her. Simple examples, but such complex situations when we misinterpret the cause of the issue. We’re waiting on you to make a move because if you won’t, neither will we.

- Calvin Pennywell, Jr.