Expect the Expected

I’m certain that most of our parents informed us about having realistic expectations concerning the future. Don’t get your hopes up, they would say. As a kid, it could be very discouraging, especially when you’re highly looking forward to the best outcome. What if Santa didn’t get you exactly what you wanted that year? What if you didn’t get a chance to go to Disney Land or even Six Flags like your parents stated that you might? Expecting to see the stars is always a good thing, but what if all you’re going to see is the light of the moon? What then, right? Just because the best didn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all. It takes time.

The first time you do anything doesn’t always produce the most perfect version. I think of this when I’m drawing up drafts for poetry and short stories. The initial document will have tons of grammatical errors and misspellings, especially if I am handwriting them.  Tony Stark wasn’t done with Mark 1. He continued on to Mark 2, 10, 33, 42, and so on. His Iron Man suits varied from Extremis, Bones, Thorbuster, the famous Hulkbuster, and many more. I’m certain many recording artists aren’t certain of how well their albums will sell during the first week. Such thoughts can produce anxiety and great doubt. You don’t want to ride the journey of your success always expecting the unexpected, being rewarded disappointment. It’s good to consider the reality. You don’t have to fully accept it, but at least keep it mind.

Don’t disregard hope. This is the fuel that keeps you going. Work with what you have and make the very best of it. So what if it doesn’t adhere to the expectancy of your audience or those who consume your product. The next question should be, what can I do to make this better? Most professional teams with new roasters don’t always make it to the championship the first year, let alone the finals and playoffs. Lebron just made his new home in Los Angeles and several fans are foreseeing the Lakers taking the trophy come summer of 2019. That enthusiasm is much needed, especially if you need force to propel yourself to victory. Have they considered the current condition in which the team finds itself? It takes time to build something solid

If you’re given a bucket, don’t expect to consume an ocean. If you’re given $20, don’t expect to walk away from a Mercedes car lot in a new ride. Use what you have with expectations of having more in the future.  I’ve learned that if you can’t handle a little, what makes you think you will do better with a lot? Kendrick Lamar wasn’t just talking to haters when he said “Be Humble!” Apply humility to your climb so that you form greater appreciation for the end results.

- Calvin Pennywell, Jr.