Stand Your Ground

The hardest part about nurturing a goal or working toward a vision is not the lack of finances or hoops through which you have to jump. It’s not the brand building or relationship building. It’s not even the unforeseen hiccups that everyone runs into in the beginning. I’ve found the most difficult thing to endure is the lack of recognition and respect by those around you while you are knee deep in the process. So what?

It’s nothing more frustrating than grinding away at a task that can’t be easily seen by people and having them ask, “What have you been doing all day?” I don’t know about you, but questions or statements like that tend to pierce my heart like a silver dagger. Everyone knows a successful business or career isn’t built over night, yet they insist that they know when it’s supposed to bear fruit. The arrogance a person must possess in order to believe they can dictate the timing and pace of your growth is grotesque.

Recently, I watched a video of Les Brown giving a speech. He mentioned a very interesting fact about bamboo trees that stuck with me. It takes five years to grow a bamboo tree but the mind-blowing part is that it doesn’t even break ground until the last 2 weeks. The majority of it's growth is done underground where nobody can see it happening but the faithful farmer waters and tills the soil daily in expectation of a harvest. Only the farmer caring for the bamboo tree knows when to expect certain results, but to the untrained eye, he would seem like a crazy person that’s wasting his time.

I find the most helpful thing to do in a season like this is to correct the person asking the question immediately afterwards. If you let their words marinade in your mind, it can have a very negative impact on your goals. That’s when doubt starts to seep in and you begin comparing your growth to others. It makes no sense to compare a watermelon to a potato. They both require a different amount of attention and nourishment.

I truly believe that I am the only person that knows when I've completely given it my all and it's time to move on to something else. From my perspective, I’ve been handed a top secret mission by God that is on a “Need to Know” basis, and I’m very selective with whom I share these details with in my life. This becomes extremely important the bigger the vision becomes. Remember, not everyone has the same faith as you, so stay focused and stand your ground.

- Topher