Regaining Balance

I heard a preacher once say that the pinky toe seems insignificant until you slam it against the bed post. When you stub your pinky toe, your entire body feels it. If the same is amputated, your balance is disrupted and you have to learn how to walk and run without it.

                A minor disruption in your regular life can throw off the balance of your creativity. All of a sudden, it’s not so minor anymore when you have to find your way back into creativity. It seemed minor to move in with another person and you were sure that having “creative space” wouldn’t be a problem. Then, the lack of quiet or privacy intervene with your ability to create. You knew the new baby would need your attention for the first few months or so and promised to work in creative time in between the diapers and crying, but hardcore fatigue act as a blockade to the creative current. You knew that blank was going to happen, but you didn’t realize that it would be like this!

                So how do you get your balance back?


                I know, you didn’t want to hear that. You wanted to hear a magic remedy or receive a 3-step recovery process from some renown doctor of psychology or neurology, but sorry. This one is straight from the School of Hard Knocks. Or maybe from Groove Theory’s Amel Larrieux:

                Lift your head to the sky
                And keep tryin’
                Believe in you
                And it will take you higher

- Adrianne Marcia